Stone Cleaning & Restoration

We specialise in all aspects of stone restoration and building cleaning. We cover all types of restoration, whether it may be, making good repairs with the use of specialist mortars, or replacement works with matching suitable materials including render, stucco, stone or brick.

Our works cover a variety of building types from modern to historic stone works, including private, commercial or public buildings.

We offer a number of cleaning systems to remove all kinds of unwanted matters from graffiti and paint to stubborn dirt, even carbon pollutants. Our cleaning methods in which we offer range from a standard water spray system clean, brick and chemical stone cleaning to a wet or dry sand/grit blasting clean.

We provide a personal and professional service from the initial concept and design through to the final completion ensuring the clients needs are met at all times.

We have successfully completed the complete stone cleaning, stone restoration and external redecorations to (Hesketh House) Portman Square, London, W1 on time and to budget.

The works involved repairing the stonework to many areas of the Portland stone which had deteriorated over the years and certain areas to soffittes at high level a health a safety issues.

After a thorough careful survey it was found some areas of the structural steelwork had become corroded causing the stone to fracture and become loose.

This required the Portland stone to be removed to expose the steelwork, grit blasting the steelwork to remove all traces of corrosion and the application of specialist high performance anti-corrosive coatings before repairs and reinstatement could continue.

The illustrations will show some examples of this corrosion and where stainless steel anchors, mesh and rods were used in the restoration works. Forming the reconstituted Portand stone detail restored the building back to its former glory.