Featherstone High School, Southall

Conversion of the existing single storey double height LRC building to provide two storey accommodation with 3 No. sub-dividable Learning Spaces at Ground Floor level and Single Learning Resource Centre at First Floor level including provision of new steel framed Mezzanine Floor with particle board decking and with 2 No. steel staircases, new partitioning and door sets at both Ground & Mezzanine Floor levels, acoustic sliding/folding partitions at Ground Floor level and complete with new Services Installations throughout, wall, floor and ceiling finishes, decorations/redecorations, sundry demolition and alteration works and all over-roofed with new insulated high performance felt roof coverings.

Project Photos

Alteration works in existing attached single storey SEN area including provision of new partitioning, door sets, glazed panels and decorations/redecorations complete with alterations to existing Services Installations, removal of existing toilet accommodation and sundry minor alteration/refurbishment works.